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Life Safety Systems Distributor


​​Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. (MFA) provides the expertise, experience, and equipment to ensure that your fire alarm project is fully code-compliant and cost-effectively meets the specifications for the job.   The MFA design department uses the latest in CAD software along with a high-quality full-size color plotter to provide clean and easy-to-understand drawings and submittal packages to installers.  

MFA provides a full set of CAD drawings including a complete riser diagram, point-to-point and terminations drawings for all field devices.   Every drawing is approved by our in-house engineers to ensure job accuracy and minimize installation time.

Engineering submittals are tailored for each job and include specification sheets for all proposed equipment, battery calculations, address directories, system operation matrix, and a circuit wire size estimator for determining line and voltage drops on field circuits.

Submittal and Print Services