Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. is the authorized distributor for PROTECTOWIRE linear heat detection.  PROTECTOWIRE is the global leading manufacturer of Linear Heat Detection Systems and located locally in Pembroke, MA.  PROTECTOWIRE is the originator of linear heat detection and has been providing linear heat detection solutions for over 75 years.  For over 25 years Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. has been a proud regional partner in providing special hazard solutions with the PROTECTOWIRE product line.

Whether used for conventional open area or more difficult special hazard detection, PROTECTOWIRE provides unique advantages as a linear heat detector:

  • Detects at any point along its length – uniform sensitivity.
  • Available in a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Easily installed using recommended hangers and clips.  Easily spliced in the field

         using splicing kits, terminal boxes and common tools.

  • Available in a wide array of outer jackets designed to resist corrosion, chemicals, dust and dirt,

         moisture and temperature extremes.

  • Confirmed temperature initiation, discriminating between true over-temperature detection and short

         circuit activation.

  • UL listed and FM approved.

Examples of applications:

  • Dry goods and frozen goods storage, both high-ceiling and in-rack for pre-action sprinkler detection and activation.
  • Conveyor detection, detecting overheat situations from both the product (coal, wood-chips) and the mechanical equipment (bearings and belts).
  • Marine docks, both wooden and alloy structures both which could succumb to the consequences of fire.  What other detection means could be considered based on the exposure and environment?
  • Cable trays, ladders, troughs, bus-ducts, even large conduit systems, linear heat detection can be installed as easily as any other conductor in such a transport structure.
  • High-ceiling/high elevation detection:
    • Cathedral ceilings of houses of worship and other assembly areas.
    • Wooden-structure attic spaces above cathedral ceilings and other lofted areas.
    • Aircraft hangers, used in conjunction with flame detectors at floor level for suppression systems.
    • Cooling towers, installed at successive levels for ultimate detection throughout.
  • Historic landmarks such as wooden covered bridges and historic homes and museums.  Linear detection can be installed in all environments and to minimize aesthetic obstacles.
  • Non-permanent and temporary situations.  Due to the ease of installation and the immediate detection provided, PROTECTOWIRE is ideal for detection throughout construction staging, tents, and pavilions and other temporary assembly areas and abandoned or unoccupied structures in-transition.

PROTECTOWIRE also provides a wide choice of listed controls specifically designed for linear detection applications, associated installation items as well as flame and ember detection to enhance our ability to provide a complete special hazard detection system when needed. 

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