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Aspiration Smoke Detection (ASD) systems continuously sample air for any trace of smoke.  Air is drawn into a PVC piping network via sampling ports spaced throughout the coverage area per NFPA codes and then transported to a highly sensitive detection unit that is tied in to the fire alarm system. 

MFAsupplies Vesda by Xtralis, the world leader in Aspiration Smoke Detection.  Our technicians can inspect and service your ASD System to ensure that it is in proper working order and protecting your high-value property and equipment.


ASD systems solve some of the toughest smoke detection challenges, including:

  • Data & Telecom rooms with high air flow for cooling
  • Warehouses and records-storage facilities with high ceilings
  • Museums and historical buildings where aesthetics are at a premium
  • Atriums where stratification is a concern
  • Clean rooms in the semi-conductor and biotechnology industries
  • Cold storage where traditional electronics do not survive
  • Correctional facilities