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In accordance with the New Hampshire State Fire Alarm Code, when required, fire extinguishers shall be monitored in all new construction requiring fire alarm systems.

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Properly functioning fire extinguishers are an important component for any company’s fire response plan.  The NPFA 10 code states that fire extinguishers must be inspected annually by a certified technician.  The code also requires a discharge test every 6 years and a hydrostatic test of the tanks every 12 years.  In NH per state code, fire extinguishers in many commercial building must be actively monitored by the fire alarm system for pressure, obstruction, and usage.  

Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. has certified technicians to provide complete inspection and maintenance service on all types of fire extinguishers.  With fully equipped service vans for on-site recharging and service for all ABC-type fire extinguishers, MFA service technicians can quickly and efficiently handle all your fire extinguisher needs. 

MFA also sells a full range of sizes for new ABC multipurpose, Halotron, and Class K fire extinguishers.  We can order other fire extinguishers based upon your specialized needs.


Fire extinguishers are too vital to fire safety to not have ready when you need them.

Mammoth Fire Alarms, Inc. is an authorized distributor of the
en-Gauge remote fire extinguisher monitoring system.

This system has an electronic signal that notifies you when a fire extinguisher is blocked, missing from its designated location or when its pressure falls below safe operating levels. The system instantly sends an alert to the building’s fire or security control panel. An alert can also be sent directly to you through an instant email, phone call or pager notification.

In virtually all locations in the United States, electronic monitoring of fire extinguisher eliminates a code required 30 day inspection.